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The backbone of smart buildings

Generating 24/7 space utilization insights across your portfolio, enabling Corporate Real Estate to become a better business partner for senior leadership by increasing agility.

  • Increase agility
  • Highly scalable
  • One centralized platform
  • Future-proof
  • Privacy by design
  • Customer success

Accelerate data-driven corporate real estate management

PIE (Position Intelligence Engine) is the technology platform that enables smart buildings. By leveraging data sources such as WiFi and sensors, the platform continuously answers the question: 'how many people are where at what moment in time?' The answer to this question is the ultimate intelligence needed to improve the employee experience and create efficient, sustainable buildings. 


Increase business agility

Continuous insights in how the portfolio is being used, enables Corporate Real Estate to become proactive instead of reactive. Leverage space utilization insights to improve portfolio agility, better serve business goals, and bring more value to senior leadership. 


Reduce footprint

Around the world businesses spend millions every year on their real estate portfolio, while office buildings are notoriously under-utilized.


Highly scalable

Our starting point is to use data that is already available in your building today. This makes Lone Rooftop the most scalable solution for measuring occupancy in large offices and global real estate portfolios.


Privacy by design

Privacy matters. It’s a human right. Therefore we handle privacy by design. We are fully compliant with existing privacy regulations including GDPR. We welcome audits by your privacy organization.


One centralized platform

PIE is the IoT platform that can integrate any type of data to reach  the desired granularity of insights. This allows you to focus on data-driven decision making rather than researching and testing technologies. And this makes the solution extremely future-proof.


Customer success

The success of our customers is at our core. For this reason we have a clear focus on achieving business goals and delivering real life value.

How it works

PIE is the space utilization platform that generates 24/7 space utilization data using WiFi networks and sensors. PIE continuously calculates the number of people and their location inside the building.

PIE incl LRT apps


PIE generates 24/7 space utilization data using the existing WiFi network. PIE retrieves data from HPE Aruba and Cisco solutions through their provided API's. Primarily PIE optimizes the accuracy from the WiFi data in the following three dimensions: How many people? Where? What time?

Lone Rooftop is a certified global solution partner of both Cisco & HPE Aruba.


WiFi data provides sufficient insights to work on many utilization objectives in Corporate Real Estate. Specific utilization use cases require an increased level of granularity. Conference rooms and other specific areas can be measured in more detail with sensors, all down to individual desk level if required.

A key benefit of PIE is that it the platform is technology agnostic. Virtually any type of sensor data can be integrated.  This enables you to service and govern all your space utilization initiatives in one centralized platform, with a holistic overview of all space utilization data.

PIE Cloud

Cisco or HPE Aruba API’s provide PIE with raw data about the amount of devices and their approximate location in the building.

The intelligent algorithms that define PIE, translate this raw data into the number of people that are inside the building and improve their location accuracy. Sensors can be added to increase the level of granularity even more. In the PIE cloud, WiFi and sensor data work together seamlessly to always provide the best space utilization insights.


Corporate Real Estate Management and Workplace Strategy work on various utilization objectives in their day to day work. For each key utilization objective, there is a Lone Rooftop solution that helps solve major challenges. All solutions are based on the intelligence available in PIE.

3rd party systems & services

The intelligence available in PIE is also available through the PIE-API. This enables you to enrich existing or new apps and processes with space utilization data. 
The data can be leveraged in many different ways. Examples include integrations to IWMS, enhancing workplace processes (cleaning, lighting, etc.), or even creating your own workplace applications.

'Lone Rooftop is one of the few companies with a deep understanding of building optimization from an end-to -end perspective.'

Kathleen Culver, Program Manager Smart Buildings, Nokia

PIE & Privacy

An automated script anonymises privacy sensitive data before this is processed and stored in PIE. This method ensures that PIE is fully compliant with privacy regulations including GDPR.

Detailed information around data privacy and compliancy with regulations is available on request.

Dealing with a lack of insight on how your office building is actually being used?

5 ways to get actual insights on your portfolio

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Learn more about our solutions

Our solutions enable you to start on a smart building journey from many angles. Work on smart building use cases on a portfolio, building or zone level and improve space utilization. Match the supply and demand of space. And improve the employee experience. Discover our solutions below.

  • 1. Building Intelligence Dashboard

    Visualizes space utilization data with actionable insights on your entire real estate portfolio.

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  • 2. Spot

    Find an available workspace straight from your smartphone.

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  • 3. WallyXL

    Enable employees to find available workspaces through visualizing real-time data.

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  • 4. Clocks

    Efficiently match supply and demand of classrooms in educational facilities.

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  • 5. PIE API

    Intelligent data and insights from the PIE platform can be used to enrich 3rd party systems.

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Interview with Kathleen Culver, Program Manager Smart Buildings, Nokia

We asked Kathleen about her recent experience of using the Lone Rooftop Smart Building solution which led to significant benefits including cost savings and improvements to employee wellbeing.

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“Lone Rooftop is one of the few companies with a deep understanding of building optimization and harnessing WiFi data from an end-to-end perspective.”

Kathleen Culver

Smart Building Program Manager, Nokia

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