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Optimize space utilization in Corporate Real Estate and save millions per annum

A lack of insight in space utilization causes offices to be inefficient. Without data on how people use the building, Corporate Real Estate Management wastes millions per annum.

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The way Corporate Real Estate works is changing

The way people work has changed. Our offices have changed. And now it’s time for Corporate Real Estate Management to change. Smart buildings enable data-driven decision making. We help you face new challenges in today’s modern office buildings.


Save space and cost

30% of an average office building is empty during peak hours causing enterprises to waste millions per annum. Decommissioning space through data-driven decisions enables significant cost savings.


Match supply and demand

Mismatch in supply and demand causes inefficiencies in the workplace. Validate workplace strategies, optimize conference room configurations and decrease complaints by using data.


Improve employee experience

40% of employees regularly waste time on finding an available workspace that fits their needs. Guide employees to vacant space and conference rooms by using real-time data.

Realtime space utilization platform for data-driven Corporate Real Estate Management

PIE is a cloud-based technology platform that is designed to be highly scalable for rollouts in global portfolios. PIE transforms your buildings into intelligent buildings using existing data infrastructure. Serving as one centralized platform for all IoT sensors and devices, PIE is the future-proof backbone of your Corporate Real Estate Strategies.

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The backbone of your Corporate Real Estate strategy

Gain actionable insights on what happens in buildings across your portfolio. Impact your bottom line significantly by using these insights to optimize building occupancy. Discover the power of our smart building platform solutions.

  • 1. Building Intelligence Dashboard

    Visualizes space utilization data with actionable insights on your entire real estate portfolio.

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  • 2. Spot

    Find an available workspace straight from your smartphone.

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  • 3. Wally XL

    Enable employees to find available workspaces through visualizing real-time data.

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  • 4. Clocks

    Efficiently match supply and demand of classrooms in educational facilities.

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  • 5. PIE API

    Intelligent data and insights from the PIE platform can be used to enrich 3rd party systems.

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Interview with Wim Kooij, Director of Real Estate and Facilities, Vattenfall

We asked Wim about his recent experience of using the Lone Rooftop Space Utilization solution which led to significant benefits including over 1 million euros in cost savings per annum as well as improvements to employee wellbeing and productivity.

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“Lone Rooftop is one of the few companies with a deep understanding of building optimization and harnessing WiFi data from an end-to-end perspective.”

Wim Kooij

Director of Real Estate and Facilities, Vattenfall

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