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Optimizing space utilization leads to significant cost savings

Learn how you can leverage space utilization data to achieve efficient use of space across your portfolio.

  • Optimize energy consumption
  • Improve office space planning
  • Reduce waste

Enrich your portfolio with space utilization data

Learn how you can leverage intelligent data to optimize the overall efficiency of your portfolio while improving the employee experience.

Identify optimization potential in your portfolio

Even at peak occupancy, 30% of seats are empty in office buildings. Harness intelligent space utilization insights to make informed decisions and optimize your portfolio while improving the employee experience. 


Highly scalable

Our starting point is to use data that is already available in your building today. This makes Lone Rooftop the most scalable solution for measuring occupancy in large offices and global real estate portfolios.

Future proof

Future Proof

Any type of data can be integrated to increase the granularity of insights. This allows you to focus on data-driven decision making rather than researching and testing technologies.


Privacy by design

Privacy matters. It’s a human right. Therefore we handle privacy by design. We are fully compliant with all existing privacy regulations including GDPR. We welcome audits by your privacy organization.


Customer success

The success of our customers is at our core. For this reason we have a clear focus on achieving business goals and delivering real life value.

Dealing with a lack of insight on how your office building is actually being used?

5 ways to get actual insights on your portfolio

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Make intelligent decisions based on real-time data

Space utilization data forms the backbone of an intelligent building. Leverage our API to enrich existing technology and operations. Benefit from increased efficiency and improved the employee experience.

  • 1. Optimize energy consumption

    Enrich climate, lighting as well as your building management system with space utilization data to save energy cost.
  • 2. Smart cleaning

    Provide space utilization data to cleaning services to optimize efficiency.
  • 3. Increase security efficiency

    Provide space utilization data to security to inform security decisions and processes.
  • 4. Smart catering

    Provide space utilization data to catering services to optimize efficiency.

  • 5. Optimize workspace resource utilization

    Optimize usage of workspace resources by integrating your IWMS with space utilization data.

Realtime space utilization platform for data-driven Corporate Real Estate Management

PIE is a cloud-based technology platform that is designed to be highly scalable for rollouts in global portfolios. PIE transforms your buildings into intelligent buildings using existing data infrastructure. Serving as one centralized platform for all IoT sensors and devices, PIE is the future-proof backbone of your Corporate Real Estate Strategies.

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The rise of data-driven Corporate Real Estate Management

ABN AMRO has gone through a process of change in many ways. A strong focus on the collection and application of data has made it possible for the facilities department to transform itself from a cost centre to a value centre.

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“By now, we have twice the number of people working than the office was originally intended for!”

Mark van Rijt

Managing Director of Facility Management, ABN AMRO Bank

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