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Enterprise solution

Space utilization & workplace analytics solution for global Corporate Real Estate teams

Lone Rooftop is a Building Intelligence Platform that provides real estate & workplace teams with aggregated utilization data and guided analytics for data-driven decision making.

  • Space utilization platform
  • Real-time space utilization data
  • Return to office features
  • Integrates seamlessly with tools you already use

Identify optimization potential in your portfolio

Inefficient utilization of real estate is causing companies to waste millions per annum. Lack of data on how people behave in office buildings lead to uninformed decisions and missed opportunities to match supply and demand of space. Lone Rooftop enables customers to reduce overall real estate spend while positively impacting employee productivity and workplace experience. We do that by providing real estate & workplace teams with aggregated utilization data and guided analytics for data-driven decision making.

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Optimizing utilization has significant impact

Office buildings were notoriously underutilized  pre-Covid. As many companies are adopting hybrid workplace strategies, human behaviour in the workplace will likely change. Real time utilization data and infrastructure is paramount to understand how behaviour develops as we gradually move back to the office. The window for RTO preparation has already started, and the time to make sure your utilization infrastructure is ready is now.


Highly scalable

Enabling you to hit the ground running and focus on achieving your goals quickly, we have designed our cloud-based platform to be highly scalable. The purpose of our platform is straightforward: to give you insights in how many people are where at what time across your entire portfolio.

Future proof

Future Proof

Through partnerships with WiFi providers Cisco and Aruba, and with various sensor vendors amongst which VergeSense and Point Grab, our solutions provide you with real-time analytics on any desired level of granularity. Our solutions are technology agnostic, which means we can retrofit any future needs.


Privacy by design

Our Enterprise solutions are fully compliant with all existing privacy regulations including GDPR. We're happy to show you how we have helped A-listed enterprises across industries achieve impressive outcomes, whilst being compliant with the highest standards.


Integrates seamlessly

The solution integrate seamlessly with the tools you already use. The technology and data is available through API, which means that you can leverage the information in other applications as well.

A guide to planning for the new norm with utilization technology

Planning for the Hybrid Workplace

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Real time space utilization & workplace analytics dashboard

Discover our enterprise solutions that enable you to quickly get insights in how your portfolio is being used.

  • 1. Corporate Real Estate Analytics

    Our main analytics application helps you to quickly understand how your portfolio is used and identifies where and how you can optimize space utilization.

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  • 2. Employee Experience

    Our employee focused solutions help reduce friction in the employee experience. We enable your employees to quickly understand where they can find a safe and suitable workspace. Our solutions have been upgraded to help support your re-entry strategies.

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  • 3. Return to Office & beyond

     Utilization data helps to continuously measure and validate return to office tactics and plan for the evolving new norm. Real Estate and Workplace teams can now make data-driven changes to workplace design and be agile as the landscape changes.

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Realtime space utilization platform for data-driven Corporate Real Estate Management

Lone Rooftop is a Building Intelligence Platform that provides real estate & workplace teams with aggregated utilization data and guided analytics for data-driven decision making.

Serving as a single pane of glass  - a platform for all IoT sensors and devices - our technology is the backbone of your data-driven Workplace Strategy.

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Interview with Kathleen Culver, Program Manager Smart Buildings, Nokia

We asked Kathleen about her recent experience of using the Lone Rooftop Smart Building solution which led to significant benefits including cost savings and improvements to employee wellbeing.

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“Lone Rooftop is one of the few companies with a deep understanding of building optimisation and harnessing WiFi data from an end-to-end perspective.”

Kathleen Culver

Enterprise Architect, Nokia

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