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COVID-19 re-entry strategy support

Our product counts people in buildings through WiFi and sensors and provides data and information to management and employees for safety and compliance.

  • Identify danger zones & bottlenecks
  • Real-time utilization visualization on screens
  • Smarter cleaning (& other services) reports
  • Real-time alerts for management & team leads

The role of the office will change - but how?

The global COVID-19 crisis has led to us perceiving the world of work a bit differently. The role of the office is under discussion, now more than ever. When re-entering the office, managing compliance and risk is fundamental. And in the longer term, when you have the opportunity to re-imagine what the office should look like, it's a must to inform your decisions both with both qualitative and quantitative information. Our workplace analytics & space utilization data enable you to make evidence based decisions.

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The Corporate Real Estate Data Playbook

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Lone Rooftop - The Corporate Real Estate Data Playbook

COVID-19 re-entry strategy support

Currently, we’re working with our clients to help support their COVID-19 re-entry scenarios. We have shifted our roadmap to make re-entry monitoring, real time alerts, real-time visualization and several other features available directly for you as well.

  • 1. Re-entry monitoring

    During the implementation of your re-entry strategy the space guidelines and adjustments on the workspace will affect desk lay-outs and the capacities of neighborhoods and rooms. Lone Rooftops occupancy analytics platform supports these changes and we help you adjust to the new set-up and capacities. 

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  • 2. Real-time alerts

    Real-time alerts on bottlenecks and danger zones are sent to Team Leads and Facility & Real Estate Managers when there are too many people within an area, thresholds are exceeded, and risks occur.

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  • 3. Real-time visualization on screens

    Utilization information is provided real time through applications and screens to inform employees on the “safety” of areas in the building based on density.

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  • 4. Consultancy

    Lone Rooftop acknowledges that the changes to your office environment will involve aspects that can not all be supported with occupancy data alone, yet we do understand our role in relation to re-entry strategies and other technologies. We proactively engage with our clients and partner ecosystem more regularly than ever to absorb the latest developments and knowledge, and consult our clients on re-entry strategies and technology set-ups that can enable safe returns. 

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Realtime space utilization platform for data-driven Corporate Real Estate Management

Our cloud-based technology product counts people in buildings through WiFi and sensors and provides data and information to employees for safety and compliance. Crucial in a COVID-19 proof office. Serving as one centralized platform for all IoT sensors and devices, the platform is the future-proof backbone of your Global Corporate Real Estate Strategies.

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Interview with Kathleen Culver, Program Manager Smart Buildings, Nokia

We asked Kathleen about her recent experience of using the Lone Rooftop Smart Building solution which led to significant benefits including cost savings and improvements to employee wellbeing.

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“Lone Rooftop is one of the few companies with a deep understanding of building optimisation and harnessing WiFi data from an end-to-end perspective.”

Kathleen Culver

Enterprise Architect, Nokia

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