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Building Intelligence Dashboard

Optimizing space utilization leads to significant cost savings

Gain actionable insights in space utilization data and achieve efficient use of space across your portfolio.

  • Understand space utilization
  • Track key metrics
  • Get actionable insights
  • Report with ease

Identify optimization potential in your portfolio

Even at peak occupancy, 30% of seats are empty in office buildings. Learn how you can leverage intelligent building solutions to make data-driven decisions on your corporate real estate portfolio.

Optimizing utilization has significant impact

Harness intelligent space utilization insights to make informed decisions and optimize your portfolio while improving the employee experience. 


Highly scalable

Our starting point is to use data that is already available in your building today. This makes Lone Rooftop the most scalable solution for measuring occupancy in large offices and global real estate portfolios.

Future proof

Future Proof

Any type of data can be integrated to increase the granularity of insights. This allows you to focus on data-driven decision making rather than researching and testing technologies.


Privacy by design

Privacy matters. It’s a human right. Therefore we handle privacy by design. We are fully compliant with all existing privacy regulations including GDPR. We welcome audits by your privacy organization.


Customer success

The success of our customers is at our core. For this reason we have a clear focus on achieving business goals and delivering real life value.

Want to learn how you can optimize your portfolio by making data-driven decisions?

The Corporate Real Estate Data Playbook

Download playbook
Lone Rooftop - The Corporate Real Estate Data Playbook

Make intelligent decisions based on data

Translating all relevant data sources to space utilization data and actionable insights, our Building Intelligence Dashboard provides enables better and quicker corporate real estate decisions.

  • 1. Real Estate Portfolio and Building Analytics

    Optimizing your portfolio starts with understanding how it is being used. The Building Intelligence Dashboard visualises space utilization data across your entire real estate portfolio.
  • 2. Real-time visualization

    Heatmaps instantly show you where large concentrations of people are at a certain moment in time. The Building Intelligence Dashboard visualizes all space utilization data in several ways among which heatmaps on top of your floor plans.

  • 3. Utilization reports

    Actionable insights based on real time data are now at your fingertips enabling you to start optimizing inefficiencies in your portfolio. You now have underlying data to prove what you already knew and discussions regarding capacity are no longer based on hunches or gut feelings.
  • 4. Building data analytics & reports

    Discover trends and detect exceptions using self service analytics and reporting. Compare occupancy metrics with a variety of time- and portfolio related filters. Share and benchmark utilization data with ease, using export functionality.

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Realtime space utilization platform for data-driven Corporate Real Estate Management

PIE is a cloud-based technology platform that is designed to be highly scalable for rollouts in global portfolios. PIE transforms your buildings into intelligent buildings using existing data infrastructure. Serving as one centralized platform for all IoT sensors and devices, PIE is the future-proof backbone of your Corporate Real Estate Strategies.

Read more about PIE

Interview with Kathleen Culver, Program Manager Smart Buildings, Nokia

We asked Kathleen about her recent experience of using the Lone Rooftop Smart Building solution which led to significant benefits including cost savings and improvements to employee wellbeing.

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“Lone Rooftop is one of the few companies with a deep understanding of building optimisation and harnessing WiFi data from an end-to-end perspective.”

Kathleen Culver

Enterprise Architect, Nokia

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