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The new office reality COVID-19 office re-entry

Selected for you: COVID-19 resources

The global virus outbreak has led to our offices being empty. Companies are now defining how to re-enter the office. This leads to multi-faceted challenges, which no one can overcome by themselves. That's why we've curated a list of useful COVID-19 and office re-entry related resources on this page.

  • Articles and tools from industry thought leaders
  • How to design and support safe re-entry strategies
  • Corporate Real Estate & technology perspectives

How can we re-enter the office safely and securely?

This is the key question our industry as a whole will have to answer in the coming weeks and months. And it's not an easy one to answer, with changing government regulations and uncertain circumstances. While employees are getting more used to working remotely and meeting virtually, we need to redefine our offices, adapting to changing needs.
The answer to these needs demand carefully planned strategies and continuous validating. To help support these processes, we've curated a list of COVID-19 and office re-entry related resources on this page. We hope you find them valuable!

Insights from across the globe

Find valuable resources from various thought leaders and industry experts on this page. If there's an article that has helped shape your strategy, please reach out and let us know.

Working in the new normal

JLL re-entry

JLL's re-entry guidebook provides an excellent framework to help determine your re-entry strategies. JLL names three key pillars to re-entry: (re)activate space, (re)spect health and wellness, and (re)vitalize property and workplace operations.

JLL's re-entry guidebook

CBRE COVID-19 resource center

CBRE covid-19 resources

CBRE has published various valuable articles, podcasts. Their resources provide a perspective on the evolving situation, as well as implications for  how the virus will affect the ways we work, live and invest.

CBRE resource center


Compelling case for the workplace

Forbes compelling case workplace

We’ve proven people can work anywhere and the greatest social experiment—sending everyone home to do their work—has decimated barriers to working away from the office. Yet, this article makes a compelling case for the importance of the workplace.

Compelling case for the workplace

The post-pandemic workplace

Washington post

The Washington Post journalist wrote this article, which was particularly popular amongst our employees not only because of the breadth of perspectives shared. 

The post-pandemic workplace will hardly look like the one we left behind


CoreNet Global chapters

CoreNet Benelux


Most CoreNet regional chapters are hosting a variety of virtual sessions, many of which are now open to non-members. For example, the Benelux chapter hosts a 1-hour coffee break session every Wednesday. Each chapter has listed upcoming events on their chapter page. Find your local chapter here:

CoreNet chapters

Colliers key observations

Colliers key observations

Colliers' key observations include a helpful overview of European government regulations, as well as economic context and insights into future economic recovery.

Colliers key observations

Planning for your teams return to the office safely?

Technology supports your re-entry strategies

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Memoori & Lone Rooftop Webinar

In this recent webinar, James McHale (Memoori) and Marcel Lamers (Lone Rooftop) discuss the essential do's and don'ts of working with real estate technology. Marcel shares a framework of 6 key steps that help you pave the way for success, supported with practical examples. In the webinar, he also focuses on how real estate technology can contribute to a safe and secure re-entry to the office.

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