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COVID-19 Workplace
Space Utilization, Corporate Real Estate Strategy - 5 min read

Webinar Cisco & Lone Rooftop

Daan Wonnink June 18, 2020

Cisco invited us to do a joint Webinar to show how our combined technology offering supports safe office re-entry. In the recording of this webinar, which you can find linked on this page, you will hear practical use cases that we can help you cover.

Leveraging DNA Spaces for the COVID-19 Workplace

When COVID19 hit us all, we decided immediately to heavily rearrange our product roadmap and focus on delivering product features that support re-entry strategies and leverage the utilization data we have in our platform today. All of these products are made available as part of our standard products and so they come without additional charges to our existing and new customers.

>> Access the webinar recording.  <<


Sander ten Hoedt, DNA Spaces Specialist, and Youri Wildeman, Global Head of Business Development, host this joint webinar, in which we aim to give you practical insights into how technology supports your re-entry strategies.

Lone Rooftop is now live on Cisco's DNA Spaces app center, enabling several COVID-19 re-entry support use cases. With DNA Spaces, we can deliver an even faster and easier path to implementation, and a more scalable solution across the portfolio. So for us it’s a great way to onboard new clients as well as provide an upgrade scenario to existing customers that are currently still on MSE or CMX.

Webinar highlights

  • Quick Introduction of Cisco DNA Spaces & Lone Rooftop 
  • The typical use cases we focus on, and how COVID-19 is impacting those use cases. 
  • High level overview of our platform and how we partner with Cisco and leverage DNA Spaces, followed by an overview of real use cases and product features we’ve launched to support re-entry strategies. 

COVID-19 Use Cases covered

In addition to WiFi data, we also integrate many different sensors and other types of data for use cases that require even more granular data, such as smaller conference rooms, huddle spaces or even individual desks. All the data comes together in our central cloud platform, and from an output point of view we deliver several applications, such as our analytics dashboard. You can also access our API to create your own dashboards in your BI tools, integrate our data in 3rd party apps and systems.

  • Re-entry monitoring
  • Real-time alerts
  • Bottlenecks
  • Smarter cleaning
  • Employee wellbeing

The use cases and support product features we walk you through in the webinar came out of calls with many Real Estate, Facilities and HR leads we spoke to over the past months.

We have a very aggressive roadmap with new features to be released over the next weeks and months, focused on continuous support for the new CVD19 workplace and portfolio. We’re constantly iterating these products based on customer feedback as we’re only just about to embark on the first phase of re-entry.


>> Access the webinar recording.  <<


Cisco & Lone Rooftop webinar

Webinar slides

Leveraging DNA Spaces for the COVID-19 Workplace

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