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Webinar Memoori & Lone Rooftop

Daan Wonnink April 17, 2020

Memoori invited us to do a joint Webinar discussing the journey towards a smart building. In the webinar we'll discuss the essential do's and don'ts of working with real estate technology. Key focus points are how to create a roadmap and deliver on it with real estate technology, and we'll share examples of how technology can help in relation to Covid-19 and potential re-entry strategies.


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James McHale, Memoori CEO, will be the host of this webinar. James is Managing Director, Owner & Founder of Memoori, a consultancy company based in Stockholm providing independent market research, business intelligence and advice on Smart Building technologies. 

He will be joined by Marcel Lamers, Lone Rooftop founder, and in a live discussion they will walk you through the essential steps of working with real estate technology.

Webinar highlights

  • Keeping it lean, setting realistic goals and involving all layers of the organization at the right time
  • Practical examples of best practices - and failures
  • The impact of Covid-19 on working with real estate technology.


Wednesday April 22nd | 17:00 CEST | 11:00 AM EST | 08:00 PDT 

We look forward to hosting you, feel free to share any questions you might have with us via marketing@lonerooftop.com.


Find the recording of the webinar on the Memoori website through this link: https://memoori.com/recording-essential-dos-and-donts-of-working-with-real-estate-technology-data/




The essential do's and don'ts of working with real estate technology

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