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Memoori figure - Top 5 segments by number of startups
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The essential do's and don'ts of working with Real Estate technology

Daan Wonnink April 30, 2020

Whilst there are many factors that could drive real estate technology adoption, the urgency to adopt Real Estate Technology is obviously intensified by Covid19. Technology is - more than ever - crucial to adapt and succeed in our new reality. It allows us to make informed decisions, analyze, experiment fast, push information and guide people. This information will be essential when we start moving back to the office.


How you can avoid being lost in the smart building space

Figure: Top 5 segments of Smart Building technology providers shown by the total number of startups per category.The smart building landscapeSmart Building and real estate tech initiatives are mostly occupant oriented, focused on the employee experience and the use of space. But with covid19 there is obviously an urgent reason to focus on safety and health of employees when going back to the office, and a smart building or tech initiative should contribute to such changes. Moreover, this is exactly what a smart building is about: it is organic. A true smart building adapts to the situation and changing company goals caused by external and internal factors. At the same time, the smart building landscape is diverse and complex to oversee. Many different vendors, with different solutions and approaches.

The six steps towards a solid smart building initiative:Six steps

'Smart building solutions can provide everything you need and more, but organizing your approach to find the right partners defines the success of your program.'
Marcel Lamers, Lone Rooftop Founder

Marcel Lamers

We wrote an article, a brief summary of the recent Memoori & Lone Rooftop webinar, which provides you with the tools you need to create a smart building that is adaptable to changing circumstances. Get access to the free article through the link below.

If you're curious how your smart building initiative can contribute to a safe re-entry of the office, don't hesitate to contact us.

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The essential do's and don'ts of working with real estate technology

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