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Space Utilization, Corporate Real Estate Strategy, Lone Rooftoppers, data - 4 min read

Holland Contech & Proptech podcast with Wouter Truffino and Marcel Lamers

Daan Wonnink July 30, 2019

Lone Rooftop Co-Founder and CEO was invited to the Holland Contech & Proptech podcast by Wouter Truffino.

Holland Contech & Proptech, founded by Wouter Truffino, is one of the thought-leading players in technology for the built environment internationally. Their podcast focuses on the latest trends and developments, events, and of course especially interesting companies and the stories of their founders.

Holland Contech & Proptech's announcement of the podcast:

'In podcast #45 Wouter Truffino interviews Marcel Lamers, Co-Founder and CEO of Lone Rooftop.

Marcel is 32 years old. He studied at the IVA, an automotive school but decided he wanted a career in Marketing instead. After following a marketing study in the USA he started working for a Marketing company with Technology clients. Technology fascinated him and this lead to him following a 2 year Tech study. After this he joined Hyves (a former Dutch social network similar to Facebook) as a product manager. During his time at Hyves, he came in contact with real estate managers and realised they had a lack of insight in their buildings and 30% of their buildings were not used. There was room for improvement and this was how the idea to start Lone Rooftop was born.

Together with Jeroen Coumans and Reinoud Elhorst (former Hyves colleagues) he started Lone Rooftop in 2014. 5 years later they have 25 employees and they are still growing. Apart from The Netherlands, which is their home territory, they are now active in several European countries as well as the USA.

Lone Rooftop enables Corporate Real Estate leaders to become data-driven. Based on existing WiFi networks and additional sensor data that can be integrated, their Position Intelligence Engine (PIE)provides organisations and systems with the most accurate, real-time and predictive space utilization metrics of their buildings.'

Follow the links below to listen to the full interview on soundcloud, or to view the interview on youtube. 



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