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Lone Rooftoppers - 2 min read

Lone Rooftop team donates laptops to students in Amsterdam

Daan Wonnink March 26, 2020

Last week one of our colleagues read an article in a Dutch newspaper about a school in Rotterdam. The school shared how many students were having a hard time adapting to studying from home, as they don’t have laptops. This is the case for many schools in the Netherlands at the moment. That’s why we reached out.

Our CTO Reinoud Elhorst contacted that school and asked them if they needed any devices, or if they knew a school in Amsterdam with similar challenges. They referred him to a school in Amsterdam. Fourteen students of the ‘Alan Turingschool’, located in Amsterdam East, do not own any devices. As these students currently study from home, a laptop or similar device is essential for them to stay on track with their education. The lack of these necessary items makes it extremely hard for teachers to organize their classes and to keep their students engaged.

This is why several team members decided to donate a privately owned device as well. So far, we’ve collected 4 devices (and counting). The school will hand these devices to the students who need it most.

 The school was very excited about the news and assured us that this will help their students follow classes and take assignments from their homes.

 If you’d be interested to help out, let us know, because the School Director is still searching for additional devices. Send us a message on daan@lonerooftop.com and we’ll connect you with the school.


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