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Space Utilization, Employee Experience, Corporate Real Estate Strategy - 6 min read

How Wim Kooij championed a Space Utilization solution that led to significant benefits

Daan Wonnink October 3, 2019

Wim began his career working in the hospitality industry with a background in hotels and catering. In 1992 Wim switched to a career in real estate and facility management and holds over 26 years’ experience in the sector. Wim is responsible for real estate and facility management at Vattenfall as part of its international team covering the Netherlands and UK.

To show how one of our clients moved to fact based space utilization decisions, we asked Wim Kooij on his recent experience of using the Lone Rooftop Space Utilization platform.

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Traditional ways of gathering space utilization data in Corporate Real Estate are highly ineffective. Procedures like manual headcounts still often lead to ineffective discussions between Corporate Real Estate and the business. When there is no agreement between the two, Smart Building technology creates the perfect opportunity for Corporate Real estate to change the nature of these conversations. Technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data produce various possibilities to have informed discussions based on real-time data.

Wim Kooij on his Corporate Real Estate team becoming data-driven:

We were keen on obtaining data to move from emotion-based decision making to fact based, real-time insights to predict trends around building occupancy. If you can predict changes in behaviour and usage of the building, that tremendously influences service provision and how you manage a building.’

Wim Ko

Benefits of optimizing space utilization

Looking at the rapid developments in IoT for buildings, you may wonder how you can leverage the power of these technologies to improve your real estate portfolio and boost your career. But while optimizing your portfolio might seem straight forward, in reality there is a lot to take into account. Innovative projects always give birth to new benefits and challenges during the development and execution of a project. Wim Kooij is very clear about the benefits of the space utilization technology program that he lead:

‘As a result of the new data obtained from the Wi-Fi solution we were able to decommission 6 floors: a total of 5,000 square meters / 53,820 square feet which equates to 20% of the total building lease.

This led to cost savings of over 1 million Euros as we could give the unused space back to the landlord.’

Learn how Wim created impact immediately after going live with the solution

It’s important to realize is that it does not have to take long to achieve results. Whether you will be able to achieve similar results like Wim depends on various factors, but generally speaking there is a lot of potential to optimize space utilization in any real estate portfolio. While decommissioning space is a very tangible result, the use cases your organization benefits from can vary depending on its growth and the overall company goals. Some examples of use cases in which space utilization data plays a key role in are validating workplace strategies, right-sizing meeting rooms and accommodating growth. Real and continuous utilization data, used in relation to space planning, presents a major opportunity to validate and work on these strategies. And it makes getting C-level buy in a whole lot easier.

“The Lone Rooftop solution allowed us to measure building occupancy data over Wi-Fi in real-time, and once established the results were immediate."

Read our full interview with Wim Kooij and learn how significant benefits including cost savings over 1 million euros and improvements to employee wellbeing and productivity were achieved.

Wim Kooij

Interview with Wim Kooij

How Wim Kooij championed a Smart Building solution at Vattenfall that led to significant cost savings

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