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Space Utilization, Corporate Real Estate Strategy - 4 min read

How to minimize risk in space utilization technology programs

Marcel Lamers October 16, 2019

The world is emerging with new and more advanced technologies, and companies are trying to implement innovative solutions. Looking at the rapid developments in IoT for buildings, you may wonder how you can leverage the power of these technologies to improve your portfolio and to boost your career.

But while optimizing your portfolio might seem straightforward, in reality there is a lot to take into account. Innovative projects always give birth to new challenges during the development and execution of a project.

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In the development stage of a space utilization technology project, you might wonder how you can possibly select the right technology for your business needs. And when working from development to execution, you’ll probably start asking yourself many more questions. ‘How can I get senior leadership on board with my plans? What is the impact of this project on my organization? Are there any risks that I am not overseeing?’; And especially: ‘How can this space utilization project make me successful and boost my career?’

Kathleen Culver, Program Manager Smart Buildings at Nokia, is very clear about the benefits of implementing space utilization technology:

‘Using a Smart Building initiative led to many key benefits. The first was savings to the bottom line: 
not paying for real estate that we were not using. At the same time, the occupants benefitted by a reduction in over-crowding which helped morale and employee satisfaction.

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In our latest guide, we've made an overview of the three main mitigation strategies that our clients put into practice when working from development to execution in space utilization technology programs.

1. Define your key objectives first

2. Develop a shared context with all stakeholders

3. Start small and grow big

Download your comprehensive guide to get more detailed insights into the strategies our clients applied to minimize risk in space utilization technology programs.

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Guide for Corporate Real Estate & Workplace Strategy

How to minimize risk in space utilization technology programs

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