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Space utilization
Space Utilization, Employee Experience, Corporate Real Estate Strategy - 5 min read

How the City of Breda leverages data to decommission space and improve the employee experience

Daan Wonnink April 3, 2020

The Facility Management department within the City of Breda is also responsible for the Cities’ estates. Ludo is responsible for all strategic projects within the Facility Management team at the City of Breda, in close collaboration with senior management and the city board. The City of Breda currently accommodates 1800 employees across 3 buildings.

We asked Ludo about his recent experience of using the Lone Rooftop space utilization solutions.

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Senior management within the City of Breda is actively looking for optimization potential across our estates. But we did not have any data to support any assumptions we had. We were especially lacking insights in how our buildings were being used. That’s why we started looking for a solid solution that could provide the data we needed to get actual insights in space utilization. And that is when the Lone Rooftop solution came into the picture. 

GDPR and compliance are important aspects for us and we wanted to make sure that any solution we select covers this. This is another reason that the Lone Rooftop solution was a good fit for us.

Our goals with space utilization technology are twofold. First off, our priority is to improve the experience of our employees. We do this through the Wally solution, visualizing how busy all areas in our buildings are on screens throughout our estates. Our second goal is to understand space utilization and get actual insights in how our buildings are being used, so we can optimize them.

BID provides a huge database with many possibilities which we actively leverage to make data-driven decisions.

We wanted to start quickly and efficiently, that’s why we decided to start using data-sources that we already have.WiFi data currently gives us insights that are good enough to make decisions on building, floor and zone level. As a next step, we’re thinking about adding sensors to cover specific meeting rooms.

‘At the moment, with the insights in space utilization we’ve gained, we’re making plans to decommission one entire building.’

Ludo Franken

Learn how the Facility Management team is now able to have informed, data-driven discussions with the business about occupancy

‘We’re now actively taking these insights to business line managers, discussing with them how we can influence their team’s behavior, and how we can best accommodate their teams. This has led to the behavior changing slowly but surely.’

Read our full interview with Ludo Franken and learn how significant benefits including improvements to employee experience and wellbeing were achieved.

Ludo Franken

Interview with Ludo Franken

How the City of Breda experienced immediate benefits after going live with the Lone Rooftop solutions

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