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Covid-19 - What we're doing to try and help

Christina Franken April 24, 2020

All of a sudden the world of work changed. The Covid-19 virus spread quickly across the world, leading to an unprecedented global lockdown. While exact government restrictions differ per country, most office buildings have been practically empty across the globe. A couple of weeks later, here we are today, carefully thinking and planning towards re-entering the office as we seem to be slowly thinking about a new 6 ft or 1,5 meter distance reality.


Figure: Utilization data from our customers aggregated by industry shows that offices started to close around week 12. Businesses in various industries seem to still have a small number of essential workers in their offices, while utilization at our customers in hospitality have dropped to 0%.covid-19-strategy-chart

Re-entering the office while having to take COVID-19 in consideration is not as simple nor obvious as it seems. After the first shock that the pandemic caused, companies are now carefully planning how their workforce will return to the office, often in several waves. This phase is complex to navigate for business leaders as well as for the workforce, because we still gain new knowledge about the virus every day, and rules and planning will have to adapt to this new information continuously. That being said, it’s evident that a new reality will start to exist in office buildings once we return. Health and safety will be front and center of all re-entry strategies.

Defining strategies to safely re-enter the office is not an easy task, and that is why we want to share what we’re doing to try and help. Space utilization data can help define, monitor and execute these strategies, and if you’re currently facing challenges along these topics, we’re happy to help.

What we’re currently doing for existing customers: 

  • In collaboration with customers, we are adjusting capacities according to floor layouts based on capacity of full workstations, so that all metrics from now on will be based on the “new normal”.

New initiatives that we aim to make available for you:

  • Working on a new “Transition monitor” report, which will allow you to monitor in real-time how neighborhood occupants are complying with new policies. We’re working with our customers to build something flexible enough to fit various regional flavors of the new “social distancing” way of working.
  • For wider use: We’ve shuffled our roadmap to bring you Alert functionality based on real-time data earlier. This will allow you to keep an eye out on zones that get too busy.
  • We’re working on new smart cleaning tools that make it easier for your house keeping teams to prioritize efforts and ensure hygienic facilities in line with the day’s utilization.

The initiatives mentioned in this article will be launched in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for more info here. Contact our team for a demo on how we can support your re-entry strategy. 




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