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Who we are

Solutions that were thought to be reserved for the future

We create impact through space utilization & workplace analytics and help enterprises make better, informed decisions on their Corporate Real Estate.

  • Dynamic high growth environment
  • We work with the world's most innovative brands
  • Highly talented team across various disciplines
  • We strive for excellence

Our mission and vision

Our mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable office buildings.  

It is our vision to reduce the impact of the built environment on the planet by enabling enterprises to utilize their office buildings as efficiently as possible. We believe that understanding space utilization helps create the best employee experiences. At the same time, improving space utilization leads to better usage of existing buildings and a decreased need for new buildings.

We enable this by providing the world's leading enterprises and their trusted partners with actionable space utilization insights. These insights, generated by our scalable data technology platform PIE, can serve as a core data component for apps and building systems.


We create smart building solutions to enable efficient buildings - and we're passionate about it. As we bring data-driven decision making to Corporate Real Estate leaders and workplace strategists, it's a given that we like to inform our own decisions with the necessary data. Data is close to all our hearts and #datalevelsallarguments.

We value the knowledge each of the individuals in our team bring to the table. We're building a force of experts who care about the world of office buildings and want to help optimize it through space utilization & workplace analytics technology. Sounds appealing? Scroll down to see our vacancies.

Join our team!

Currently, we don't have any open positions but we are always looking for talented people across all disciplines. Want to join us on our mission to optimize global corporate real estate in terms of efficiency, sustainability and hospitality? Send an email with your open application to marketing@lonerooftop.com

Team offsite mallorca

Lone Rooftop team

Our enthusiastic team of utilization experts does not only work together. We have fun on an off our jobs together.

We love VR Arcade games as well as boardgames and challenging puzzels. And of course we regularly have Friday drinks and while we enjoy healthy snacks, pizza is often involved. 

We even had a short break in Spain with the team, look at all the happy people on the left!

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